About Crafts-Women.com

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Core Values


A core part of our purpose is to establish a down-to-earth, inclusive, fun, and engaging community of crafters that shares information, inspiration,  and enthusiasm for all things hand-made among its members. Inclusivity is of the utmost importance to us. We welcome crafters of all ages and skill levels and encourage every member of our community to explore their creativity and have fun, whether they are an experienced artisan or a crafting novice. 


By collaborating with new, emerging, and established artisans, we are able to share their crafts and signature techniques with our community. Our collaborations are done in the form of a blog post that focuses on easy-to-follow projects, headlined by an inspiring crafter who is an expert in a particular creative niche. We do this in order to raise awareness of the work of talented crafters and artisans while sharing the wisdom that they have gained first-hand with our crafting community.  


Creativity is at the center of everything we do because we believe that a life lived creatively is a life lived happily. We have experienced first-hand the benefits of pursuing our passion for making in the form of a new hobby and want to make sure that those benefits are readily accessible to our community of crafters. 


One of the biggest stumbling blocks that creatives are faced with when embarking on a new creative venture is their own inner critic telling them that they aren’t good enough. For this reason, we emphasize the role of positivity in our community. We strive to see recognise the good in every project, even the ones that don’t go as planned, and celebrate each other's efforts as much as we celebrate beautiful outcomes.


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