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DIY Bath & Body

Explore DIY Bath & Body recipes for healthy-looking skin and time out for self-care. You can learn to make your own trendy, high-end bath & body products with Crafts-Women instructors!

Meet the Instructors


Abi at BimbleLife

Hi, I'm Abi from Texas. I am an artist, marketer, blogger, and a lifelong crafter. I love making things with my hands. More things I can make with my hands make me happy. 

I love trying out all different kinds of handmade accessories using various materials, and I love sharing them all with everyone!


Eva at Vizzy Cat Glam

My name is Eva, and I'm 24 years old! I've always had a passion for makeup and cosmetics since I was a young girl and always tried to formulate my own products.


Following my passion, I decided to do continuous research on formulations and ingredients that go into cosmetics! I am so happy and grateful that my passion has turned into a dream come true.