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Handmade Jewelry

Start making your own handmade jewelry with Crafts-Women instructors, showing you easy-to-follow projects for beginners! Learn how to make easy handmade jewelry at home and find out what materials you need! 

Meet the Instructors

Sheri Sarnoff at Brooklyn Ears

Sheri at Brooklyn Ears

Hi, I'm Sheri from Brooklyn, NY. I am 24 years old public historian and archivist volunteering at Urban Archive.


Making earrings has become a passion of mine during the pandemic. I have very sensitive ears so I wanted to make sure my earrings were hypoallergenic and nickel-free.


Abi at BimbleLife

Hi, I'm Abi from Texas. I am an artist, marketer, blogger, and a lifelong crafter. I love making things with my hands. More things I can make with my hands make me happy. 

I love trying out all different kinds of handmade accessories using various materials, and I love sharing them all with everyone!


Bella at Bt Portraits

Hi, I’m Bella, a 24-year-old craft enthusiast. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Even though I was raised in the concrete jungle I’ve spent the majority of my life outdoors and surrounded by plants.  

I started creating jewelry as a little hobby for myself and to keep away the quarantine blues. Now my small hobby has evolved into a variety of items such as pet portraits, resin rings, keycaps, and punch needle rugs.



Julianna at Made By Marcellina

Hi there! I’m Julianna. Brooklyn born and raised. I’m a psychic-medium, death-doula, certified reiki healer, cosmetologist, and jewelry maker!


I figured, if this can help me to bring me this much joy and comfort, I think it’s worth sharing with all of you.