15 Colorful Easter Crafts Ideas Found On Instagram That Will Keep Kids Entertained This Spring

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Easter craft ideas for kids
Photos courtesy @aplayfilledlife

Easter crafting starts with Spring and continues to Summer. We wanted to share some of our favorite Easter Crafts that Kids can enjoy in the next several months. You'll find a variety of craft ideas, from colorful sensory bins to Recycled cardboard Easter bunnies. We are incredibly excited to see many craft ideas using recycled materials on this list because Earth Day is just a few weeks away from Easter. It's an excellent opportunity to teach our kids about our environment! Check out this creative list of 15 Easter Day Crafts for Kids that are thrifty and easy to make.

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Pom Pom Easter Egg Sensory Puzzle by @thekolbeekboys

Pom poms are tons of fun on their own, and sensory play is a great way to engage children in building fine motor skills and practicing numbers.


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Bunny Tail Match by @cintaandco

Make learning colors fun! This simple bunny tail color match-up game is perfect for all ages.

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Easter Egg Suncatcher by @aplayfilledlife

Grab some cardboard and cellophane wrap, and get out there to catch some sunshine!


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How to dye eggs naturally by @littlepinelearners

This year skip the toxic store-bought dyes and opt for an eco-friendly, natural way to dye your Easter eggs!


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Baby Bunny Finger Puppets by @cardboardfolk

These cute finger puppets are made of egg cartons and wooden beads! Don't they look just lovely?

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