A Creative Doer: Breaking Down Barriers with Olivia Siegel

Photos by Olivia Siegel | By Abi Isa Lee | August 20, 2021

Creative Doer: Breaking Down Barriers with Olivia Siegel
Photo courtesy: Olivia Siegel

This week, we are pleased to share an interview with Olivia Siegel, the founder of Belle Candle Supply!

Olivia is a California-based eco-conscious entrepreneur who is passionate about enhancing living spaces with beautiful scents and lovely candles.

Belle Candle recently launched Recycling Program that enables them to recycle candles jars and give opportunities for participating customers to earn points towards a free candle.

Join us in this delightful conversation as Olivia, who recently shared a Soy Candle Making Tutorial with the Crafts-Women community, tells us all about her journey as an entrepreneur!

Olivia Siegel sitting by the tree with her lovely candles.
Photo courtesy: Olivia Siegel

CW: Before we dive in, can you tell us about yourself in just three words?

OS: Kind, creative, hungry (lol)

CW: I love that last one! So, can you tell us a little more about yourself?

OS: Hi! I’m Olivia (Belle) Siegel, the owner of Belle Candle Supply. I’m 26 years old and living in Los Angeles with my boyfriend and our sweet American Bully, Toni. When I’m not making candles, I can be found hanging out with the two of them, cooking, or exploring the LA restaurant scene!

Colorful bubbly candles by Belle Candle Supply.
Photo courtesy: Olivia Siegel

CW: Walk us through your journey of finding yourself and your passion. How did you get to where you are today?

OS: As I’m only 26, I think that I still have a long way to go to truly find myself. I think we spend our entire lives learning more about ourselves. In terms of my business, one of the best things about it is that I am constantly learning more things - one of my favorite parts of the process.

The journey of building a business has been exactly that - a journey. There have been amazing days, and some tough days, all of which I’m grateful for, as they got me to where I am today.

"There is no space to grow if you don’t have mess-ups and accidents, of which I have surely had plenty."

CW: I completely agree with you on that!

I'm sure many of our readers are curious about what motivated you to start your own business.

Can you tell us more about Belle Candle Supply? How did you come up with the idea of starting a candle business?

OS: Belle Candle Supply is a Los Angeles-based candle company making hand-poured candles in small batches ensuring the best quality product. I offer jar candles, and most recently gorgeous decorative candles that are just flying off the shelves! What sets me apart from other candle businesses is that every single aspect of the process is done with care and intention - I truly put my heart and soul into each batch, and I think that shows the quality of the products.

I originally got the idea to make candles when I saw an advertisement for a shop where you drink wine and make your own candles - I thought “how fun!” Unfortunately, they didn’t have an LA location. As the crafty DIY-er that I am, I figured I could do it myself! So I bought the materials online, and the rest is history!

CW: As an entrepreneur, what motivates you and drives you every day?

OS: As my own boss, I am completely in charge of when I work, and how much I work. I am able to decide how much work I put into my company, and that alone drives me to work harder. I am only as successful as I allow myself to be, and push myself to be, and that’s what keeps me going every day.

CW: How was the journey of entrepreneurship since the beginning? Has it been a smooth road or did you face any challenges?

OS: It has definitely not been a smooth road! Most of my challenges have