Artist at Play: Brandy's Delightful Discovery of Conversing With Art

Photos by Brandy M. Patterson & Annie Elizabeth Photography | By Abi Isa Lee | May 20, 2022

Artist Brandy M Patterson is standing with her large paintings.
Image by Brandy M. Patterson

We're pleased to share a new interview with abstract artist Brandy M. Patterson!

Brandy grew up making art, but like many of us, she struggled to find ways to make an income from art. One day, she came across Nicholas Wilton's free Spark week program that made her realize she wanted to get back into painting more consistently.

Just last year, she participated in the 100 Day Project, joined an artist club, and booked her first art fair. She worked through challenges, continued to push herself to take chances with confidence, and eventually began selling her paintings.

Today she exhibits her paintings in different venues across New Hampshire. Continue reading to find out how Brandy got back into painting professionally after being away from the art world for almost a decade.

Brandy is applying blue paints on a large canvas using her hands.
Image by Annie Elizabeth Photography

Crafts-Women: Before we dive in if you're given only three words to describe yourself, what would those be?

Brandy M Patterson: Sensitive, Encourager, Wild

CW: I like that! So tell us a little more about yourself. Where did you grow up? Have you always loved making things with your hands or creating art? What are some of your earliest memories of creating art?

BP: I grew up in Ludlow, Vermont, a small ski town that is bustling in the winter and laid back in the summer. My family home bordered the town forest, and I spent hours rambling in the woods behind my house.

My parents always encouraged art-making- I remember hand stitching Barbie clothes from leftover fabric from my mom’s sewing basket. I definitely left my artistic marks in places my parents were not so thrilled about, such as under the kitchen chairs, under my bed frame, and on the hallway walls.

My parents finally let me paint a mural on their bedroom wall in my late teens. I copied an image in a magazine of an Italian seaside town. This is the first time I encountered scaling up something that was 2 inches square to wall size. The quantity of paint required to complete a project of that scale was also a learning curve. I believe this experience is one reason why I am comfortable painting on large canvases.

Brandy is painting on a large canvas hung on a brick wall.
Image by Annie Elizabeth Photography

CW: When did you start painting professionally? Have you always known this would be your path?