Building a Personal Legacy: Discovering Your Inner Leader with Mishelle Kost

Photos by Hannah Haston and Mike Davello | By Abi Isa Lee | September 17, 2021

Building a Personal Legacy: Discovering Inner Leader with Mishelle Kost
Photo by Mike Davello

We're excited to share a new interview with a self-leadership coach and wellness advocate, Mishelle Kost!

In this interview, Mishelle talks about her childhood memories, her favorite topic about training your mind like you train your body, overcoming the heartbreak of divorce, the challenges and lessons learned as an entrepreneur, and her advice for fellow entrepreneurs.

Mishelle believes everyone has the unlimited potential to be a leader and achieve their goals or create a future they love, and the work she does with her clients shows just that.

Read on to learn more about the genuine stories behind Mishelle Kost and what led her to find her passion for helping others to discover their own inner leader.

Mishelle Kost in her beautiful kitchen holding a coffee mug and smiling at the camera.
Photo by Hannah Haston

Crafts-Women: Before we dive in, can you tell us about yourself in just three words?

Mishelle Kost: Optimistic, Encouraging, Enthusiastic

CW: I love that! So, tell us a little more about yourself!

MK: I am a self-leadership coach and wellness advocate. I help people release their past and discover their gifts so that they can create a future they love. I believe we have all been created for a purpose and it's our job to discover that purpose and use it to help elevate the people and world around us.

Mishelle Kost jumping high with a happy smile on her face.
Photo by Mike Davello

CW: Can you tell us about your childhood? What are some of the earliest memories that you remember?

MK: Overall, I had a great childhood. I love my family and we are all very close. The most challenging part of growing up was fitting in, for several reasons. For one, I was Asian in a predominately white school.

I was always challenged by the way that I looked and how my parents’ English wasn’t as good as other kids’ parents and that my house smelled different because of the different foods we ate. Self-esteem was an uphill battle as I was constantly feeling like an outsider.

CW: Do you think your previous experience, including your childhood, come together to shape your business and personal life today?

MK: 100%! One of my Top 5 strengths from the Strengths Finders assessment is Includer. An includer wants to cast the net wider and is always making sure people feel like they belong.

I think this is a direct result of me feeling like an outsider for most of my life. It’s made me a more empathetic leader who is always striving to make people feel safe.