DIY Acrylic Painted Coffee Mugs - That Won’t Wash Away!

Updated: Jan 3

Painted mugs are an awesome way to make anyone’s coffee break more enjoyable! They make the perfect DIY project or gift. Just get a plain mug, wash it, dry it, and start painting! These DIY personalized mugs are such a fun way to get creative and they couldn’t be easier.

DIY Acrylic Painted Coffee Mugs Supplies:

Optional materials:

How to:

  1. Your mug is your canvas. Wash and dry your mug for the best result!

  2. Decorate your mugs with the paint markers of your choice. You can use design stencils, map out patterns with masking tape, or just go with free-hand painting just like I did here.

  3. Allow drying. This part is very important. These mugs were dried in a cool, dry area for more than 24 hours.

  4. Set the oven to 350 degrees. Place the mug in the oven when preheating so that it doesn’t warm up too quickly.

  5. Bake mugs in the oven for 1 hour to set the paint. Turn the oven off and allow mugs to cool in the oven.

  6. Now your mugs are ready to use and completely dishwasher safe!

A Closer Look at Artisto Acrylic Paint Markers I used here:

I normally use Sharpie Oil Based Paint Markers but I tried something different this time. I recently found Artisto Acrylic Paint Markers from Amazon and they are perfect for decorating these mugs. If you make a mistake, you can just remove the paints. Once you bake them in the oven for 1 hour it becomes dishwasher safe.

A Quick Tip to prime your paint markers:

  1. Keep the cap closed and shake it well.

  2. Gently ap the tip on a paper until you see the paint flowing through the tip of the marker. The tip is pretty hard, but try not to put too much force.

  3. Test it on paper before starting painting on your mug.

  4. You can always wipe the paint off with or without water before the paint cures which takes about 24 hours. So you have plenty of time to fix your designs.

I just love painting mugs and custom designing them for my friends. Let me know how your mug painting project goes! You can find me on Facebook or you can tag me on Instagram to show off your creation! I can’t wait to see your mug designs!!!