DIY Glamping Tips: How to Make Camping More Enjoyable

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Beautiful glamping setting on the beach.
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Camping is often talked about in relevance to roughhousing out in the open and glamor is probably the last thing from it. However, glamping on the other hand is totally different. Glamorous camping is every pampered girl’s dream because it offers the best of both worlds: the outdoors and luxurious comfort.

A women enjoying glamping.
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So now, you’re probably wondering what the answer to ‘how to make camping like glamping?’ is, and this guide will give you some very good ideas. These DIY glamping ideas can take your experience up a notch without burning a hole in your pocket!

So, what do you need for glamping? Just grab anything that screams comfort!

Glamping Tee Pee - Inside view
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The Tent


It is no secret that the right lighting sets the tone for the experience. Verily, you should find your favorite, preferably yellow, lights to hang inside the tent - grab fairy lights, a few cute lanterns, and much more to spruce it all up.

Fluffy Pillows

Not only will these maximize your comfort, but they will give your tent some much-needed Aladdin vibes. Get some soft and fluffy pillows, dress them up in colorful covers and add them to the spread. Surround the inside of your tent and then, rest against them like the true royal you are.

Cozy bedding

If you can’t sleep like a princess – or prince – chances are your glamping adventure won’t work out. Naturally, you can’t possibly drag the frame of your bedroom outside but you can still manage something close. So, get a comfortable air mattress and line it up with a really soft rug.

Side Table

While it doesn’t sound glamorous, a side table is an essential glamping item. Otherwise, you will be forced to turn your sleeping area into one. Don’t worry though, an old rustic table would do the job, you simply need something where you can place your things.

Kids enjoying camping in the wilderness.
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Glamping Table Setting
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Eating Staton


DIY glamping on a budget does not mean that you can’t appreciate a little splendor. Enjoying the eating experience is a huge part of your glamping trip which means you need to make the table special. So, find an old one in the garage and line it up with a white cotton cloth and voila, that’s it!

Mason Jars with fairy lights

Bring home those Pinterest vibes by setting out a few DIY mason jar lamps across the center of the table. You can even add these around the setup on the floor.


A great lunch table is never complete without some beautiful flowers. So, grab a colorful bunch and put them in a glass jar or vase.

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A couple enjoying camp fire.