End-of-year reflections and New Year's resolutions are so 2020!

Written by Crafts-Women Community

A flatlay of a ruled notebook, a mechanical pencil, an eyeglasses, two mini succulents in clay posts, and a lettering board saying. "365 new days. 365 new changes."
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Taking time to reflect on the year is one of the most valuable time you can spend for yourself and your goals.

But today, we want to talk about why we need to do this more often than just once a year.

A lettering art post created by Crafts-Women. The quote is saying, "Take some time for yourself today."

As we get close to the end of the year, most of us reflect on the past year and try to list New Year's resolutions with things we want to accomplish or improve. We set goals around our health, wealth, and happiness and hopefully take steps to make those goals a reality.

It totally makes sense because most of us look forward to what's ahead of us with positively charged energy and a can-do attitude. And end-of-year means we give ourselves the ultimate clean slate to restart.

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Usually, when we create a plan for the entire year - for life, family, or business - we make a plan with a start and finish line. There might be a plan to open a special bottle of champagne to celebrate when we get there.

This straight line of success from start to finish only works if we can guarantee that there are no surprises or curveballs thrown at us. We try to account for possible pitfalls, but we already know there's always something we didn't plan.

That means we may not even get to celebrate anything the entire year and end up with a giant list of things we didn't accomplish.

Well, now that doesn't sound very encouraging. Plus, that also means we have to wait 365 days to open a special bottle of champagne to celebrate. Not to mention, that celebration may or may not even happen.

So, we suggest bringing that spark of positive energy we feel at the beginning of the year every month!

The end of the month may not hold much significance compared to the end of the calendar year, but the end of the month might be a great time to get a solid RESET and RECHARGE for the next 30 days.

Let's be a little unconventional this year and bring that end-of-year magic to the end of every month, and celebrate our small wins!

Here are a few tips on how to end your current month right and start your next month even better:

Document: Allow yourself to look at how you're doing and how you're feeling. Write down what progress you've made this month and what progress you want to make next.

Celebrate: Take a moment to celebrate the good things you did, happy moments, small victories, and something you learned.

Reflect: Have a chat with yourself, asking about the challenges faced, lessons learned, improvements you made, concerning areas, etc.

Plan: Create a plan for the upcoming month.

  1. Start with your wins and list the things or new habits you want to continue in the next month.

  2. Write down the mistakes you want to avoid repeating and the opportunities you want to grab.

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Of course, we can't totally forget about reflecting on the past year and consider ways to improve as a new year begins.

So, why not turn your list of New Year's resolutions into a master ledger like a backlog or a dream bucket list that has a complete record of all the things you want to do and accomplish.