Leading with Love and Kindness: A Humble Journey of Tia Brumbelow

Photos by Tia Brumbelow | By Abi Isa Lee | October 8, 2021

Leading with Love and Kindness: A Humble Journey of Tia Brumbelow
Photo by Tia Brumbelow

This week, we're thrilled to share an inspiring interview with Tia Brumbelow, the founder of Dex and Bodie!

In this interview, Tia talks about her passion for meaningful home design, how her family implements sustainable living into their lives and the business, the unexpected challenges faced during the pandemic, and how she responded to the change by pivoting priorities rather than digging in her heels.

Read on and learn more about how Tia started Dex and Bodie's brand, the story behind the brand name, her pop-up shop experience, and much more.

Tia at a local pop up market.
Photo by Tia Brumbelow

Crafts-Women: Before we dive in if you're given only three words to describe yourself, what would those be?

Tia Brumbelow: Joyful, helpful, and caring (This is hard - had to get help from my mom for this!)

CW: I love how your mom described you in three words! It is quite challenging to describe ourselves using limited words.

So, tell us a little more about yourself!

TB: I’m a believer, wife, and mother. I love everyone around me and believe we all have a purpose and place. I love home and I truly believe that no matter how big or where your space is, it should feel warm and welcoming for not only guests but for you and those you call family. I consider myself a foodie and will try pretty much anything (maybe). While I love seeing new places, I LOVE a good staycation! (Palm Springs anyone?).

CW: I am with you on that! I love good staycations.

Can you walk us through your journey of finding your passion and how you got to where you are today as an entrepreneur?

TB: I’ve always loved home and created awesome spaces since I can remember.. I’m not very artistic but have a good eye for a great piece and design. Because of that, I started a blog years ago (before Instagram even) sharing great spaces I found, our first home renovation and decorating.

Once we had our first son ( Dex ) it was always hard finding trendy clothes for boys and stylish nursery items ( without breaking the bank) so I thought I would start designing some. It was then when I opened my initial Etsy shop selling kid’s clothing and wall prints.

"Once I started feeling more confident and stopped worrying about my lack of artistic skills ( I seriously can’t draw a straight line ) I decided it was time to really go after my passion - Home!"

So, after prayer and planning- Dex and Bodie was born!

A lifestyle photo of Dex and Bodies' rafa plates.
Photo by Tia Brumbelow

CW: You probably know how much I love your brand by now.

Can you tell us more about your brand, Dex and Bodie for those of us who want to learn more about it? How did the ideas for your business and products come about? What’s the story behind your brand name?

TB: Dex and Bodie is a collective shop featuring modern fair trade home decor, small-batch clothing (I promise the grace shirts are coming back guys), and designs by me made here in the US and abroad.

"I wanted to have a shop with items that support people in a positive way, be free to share my faith in God, and give to those in need. When at all possible I’ll donate to local charities and places that support people with different needs and abilities."

Dex is our oldest son ( short for Declan ) who happened to be born with a rare Chromosome abnormality called UPD14pat or Kagami Ogata Syndrome.

"I wanted to raise more awareness about rare conditions while doing something I love."

Bodie is our almost 13-year-old Labrador! Dex and Bodie are inseparable and the name just fits perfectly!

CW: That is truly inspiring. A few months ago, I talked about how the Dex and Bodie brand reminds me of a warm Sunday afternoon. I just realized that one, you're very good at branding, but most importantly, it's coming from being your true self. And that holds a lot of power.