Meet Deena, a physical education teacher, and educator @ABCDeeLearning

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“It's so important to share learning strategies and ideas with each other. We all want our kids to grow up and be the best they can!" -Deena, the creator of ABCDeeLearning

Deena is a health and physical education teacher by day and an ABCDeeLearning educator by evening. Deena has an enormous passion for teaching; she's tirelessly creating new activities and games for kids to be engaged in and helping other parents and early education teachers with the resources they need to teach their children.

What we love the most about ABCDeeLearning is that they're so colorful and active. Deena grew up playing sports throughout her life, and she understands the importance of staying active every day to stay healthy. She brings that fun and vibrant energy when creating teaching resources to share with her community of parents and teachers.

Visit @ABCDeeLearning today to learn more about what Deena and her community are up to this Spring for kids, and share your ideas with them!

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