Meet Liza, a Fiber Artist Making Anything Macrame @macrame_me_

Written by Crafts-Women Community

Meet Liza, a Fiber Artist Making Anything Macrame @macrame_me_
Photo courtesy: @macrame_me_

Liza is a fiber artist who loves making anything macrame and has a passion for working with micro macrame. We're talking about 1mm cords here! Can you believe it?!

She is also passionate about sustainable living and proud of her recycled collection for being able to give something back to mother nature. Often, she finds her inspiration from what nature provides us with every day, like sunrise and sunsets, and plays with a new set of colors that she feels connected at that moment of time and space.

Liza discovered the beauty of macrame in early 2020, and ever since then, it's been a great new adventure for her learning and growing with this beautiful craft. She couldn't have done it with so much joy if her community support wasn't there to cheer her on along the way. Shall we join her loving community and follow her journey?

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