Meet Michelle, a Crafter and Mental Illness Advocate @wu.nder_days | Denver, Colorado

Written by Crafts-Women Community

Meet Michelle, a Crafter and Mental Illness Advocate @wu.nder_days | Denver, Colorado
Photo courtesy: @wu.nder_days

Michelle is a mom of three wild boys, a crafter, and a mental illness advocate living in the colorful and youthful Colorado.

Her story is about how creatives are both "crazier" and "saner" than non-creatives and a reminder of how strong we are at coping with challenges.

Michelle started her Instagram page in 2019 to track her journey as Room mom for her boys, sharing her love for crafting. Soon, she found it therapeutic for her mind and soul.

Mental illness has been Michelle's passion for a long time, and she's been trying to fight the stigma behind mental illnesses by being open about her personal struggles and experiences. If crafting has been a great outlet for Michelle to get loads off her busy mind, sharing her story with a supportive group of the community gave her the strength to really fight for it all together and helped her to close some hard chapters in her life.

What started as a diary of perfecting the art of crafting is becoming a learning journey to celebrate mistakes and bring hope and joy back to her life. She's inviting everyone to follow along with her rollercoaster ride with open arms to lift each other, and one day, she wants to become a person who makes changes in the world and brings joy to more people.

In 1963, the pioneering creativity scholar Frank Barron wrote that the "creative genius… is both more primitive and more cultured, more destructive and more constructive, occasionally crazier and yet adamantly saner than the average person."

We're excited to see all the crazy things Michelle has planned for 2021 and beyond. Will you join us and walk with Michelle on her brave journey?

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