Meet Monica Henry, a Textile Artist @monicahenryart | Geelong, Australia

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Meet Monica Henry, a Textile Artist @monicahenryart  | Geelong, Australia
Photo courtesy: @monicahenryart

Monica is a textile artist based in Geelong, located in the southern state of Victoria, Australia, where a significant portion of Australia's total wool chips is marketed.

She has a wide range of training in fine arts, including Print Making, Sculpture, Photography, and Life Drawing. But, textile wasn't one of them until three years ago when she discovered wool as her primary medium while searching for color inspiration.

Something sparked in her head that day, and she looked at wool differently from traditional usage. She wanted to create a large piece of painting using wool that you could hang up on the wall.

Monica remembers her mum telling the stories of her Great Great Grandfather making rugs in the backyard, and she realized he had used the same technique as hers. It makes her newly discovered style even more special.

She loves exploring with various mediums, and her style is constantly evolving, but today, Monica paints with wool creating extraordinary pieces of artwork. She is currently working on a series of 7 pieces using her floral, botanicals theme, and bright, light color for @adaroart in Florida. We're sharing some snippets of the work in progress (3rd Image from this post), but we can't wait to see the final pieces!

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