Meet Tia, the Founder of @dexandbodie | California

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Meet Tia, the Founder of @dexandbodie | California
Photo courtesy: @dexandbodie

Dex and Bodie started as Tia's creative outlet and inspirations board, where she shared prints and kid's clothing she adored. Soon it became an editorial shop that brings fair-trade home decor products that people around the world uniquely make to earn a sustainable living.

Tia's selection of products is small but meaningful. Her inspiration comes from a deep love for home, and that's the basis of everything she does for the business and family. Her true love and passion for creating a home full of love are evident in every inch of her brand. And that's why we fell in love with it.

When you enter Tia's world, whether virtually through Instagram or physically through a local pop-up market, you can feel the calm and happy energy flowing through your body.

Imagine a warm Sunday afternoon when you unexpectedly have the house to yourself for few hours. You make a pot of tea, grab a book-maybe a dog, too- and get cozy on the couch with fluffy pillows and feel the warmth of the sun on your body. That's Dex and Bodie for us.

Tia hopes her carefully chosen pieces will fill your space with so much love and joy because she believes that your space should be one you love.

We have a more in-depth story coming up about Tia, her editorial shop, and her family. So stay tuned, and until then, visit @dexandbodie to see more of her lovely home decor items and support makers of fair-trade!

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