Meet Veronica, a Nomadic Italian Designer @veronicocco | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Written by Crafts-Women Community

Meet Veronica, a Nomadic Italian Designer @veronicocco | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Photo courtesy: @veronicocco
"I'm specialized in not specializing, which allowed me to enrich my portfolio with diverse work." -Veronica Comin-

Veronica is a nomadic designer from Italy who has a passion for motion design and animations, now living & working in Amsterdam. She always welcomes new challenges and loves finding creative solutions for her clients on every project she's working.

We love Veronica's designs because they're communicative and engaging. She has a knack for translating emotions from Mind to Artwork, whether happy, sarcastic, funny, devastating, or sad. Her work creates an experience that helps others achieve clarity or resonate with the artwork on a deeper level.

📌 If you are reading this, we encourage you to take your time with the 3rd image from this post. Veronica created a special illustration on International Women's Day, sharing her personal and professional experience about Sisterhood and Brotherhood.

There's a good chance that this topic has crossed our minds as women at least once in personal or professional settings. Veronica talks about many aspects of this challenging topic in the plainest way that makes you stop and think.

Today is not International Women's Day, but let's think about this topic today with Veronica. Let's think about how we can fight stereotypes, including our own. We all have unconscious gender biases. It's in our hands to become aware of these biases and challenge the stereotypes that our kids constantly encounter, whether at school, on the playground, or in the media. What can we do at home to empower and educate our youth to ensure a better future for us all? 📌

We have more inspiring conversations with Veronica coming up! Until then, visit her page here @veronicocco and learn more about her work! She is also an activist at @amnestynl and hosting @illustrationladies_amsterdam with @gapogg

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