Paint By Numbers - Neon Dog

Updated: Apr 28, 2021



I received a 16" x 20" Paint By Numbers Kit from Painting By Numbers Shop to share my experience. All opinions and experiences are my own. I chose to paint Neon Dog from their Animals collection. This was my first time trying out any paint by numbers paintings, and I was super excited to try it out finally.


Honestly, I didn't know what to expect before I received the package. The packaging was very light and small. My first expression was, "Oh, that's it?" and made me curious about how everything would fit into this small packaging.


I opened it, and everything was in there, neatly packed together. I liked how they vacuum-sealed mini-paint pods for extra protection. The kit came with a 16" x 20" pre-printed linen canvas roll, three (3) small paintbrushes, twenty-three (23) mini acrylic paint pods with numbering, a set of picture hanging hardware.


I was genuinely surprised by the light and simple packaging. It helped me to get started right away without any extra prep time. I got a small water container to clean my brushes between colors and some paper towels, ready for any accidents. I also got a paper plate, just like how Paint Night Classes give us, but I didn't need it since all the colors are pre-mixed and ready to apply.


I started with brighter colors. I just picked a color, checked the number printed on the paint pod, going from top to bottom, located the matching number on the canvas, and applied the paint. It's like finding Waldo. :) So basically, you get to play puzzles while coloring your masterpiece.


Overall my experience was great. I liked the opacity of each acrylic paint. I expected the usual mixing acrylic paints on the thinner and transparent side, just like the ones we use at Paint Night Classes that require multiple layers to achieve opacity. Some colors needed a couple of more layers to cover the numbers, but that was expected, and I liked the thicker texture of their acrylic paints.


I didn't account for the time it took me to complete the painting, but it was a mistake of my own. I was so eager to finish the painting, hang it on the wall, and soon realized I couldn't paint that fast. ;P

So I highly recommend taking this as if you would do with your coloring books. Take your time, have your favorite drinks ready, set up a Zoom call with your besties to paint together, or listen to music and enjoy the process.

Give it a try and share your creations on Instagram with your fellow Crafts Women by tagging @CreativeCraftsWomen. Can't wait to see your masterpiece!