10 Best Planter Kits Little Gardeners Will Love

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

If you’re stuck at home with the kids, you’re probably in need of some boredom-busting inspiration. What’s the better way than some outdoor fun to keep the kids busy this summer? One of the popular ways to encourage your child’s sense of outdoor curiosity and creativity is to help them grow and take care of their own garden! It can be extremely rewarding, fun, and secretly educational.

I still remember the first flower planter I grew when I was little and the first time I grew sprouts with my little brother at home. We checked on it day and night, cared for it together, excited about tiny seeds sprouting, and watched it grow. Garden activities for kids can inspire creativity, teach them patience, and empowers kids to make choices, thus giving them a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

Garden activities don’t require expensive materials, and kids of all ages can enjoy working together on a project outdoors. For those of us who are new to gardening or don’t have that magical green thumb, we’ve put together a great list of 10 best planter sets anyone can enjoy.

10 Best Planter Sets for Beginners

  1. Wonder Soil Classroom Gardening Kit: $27.99

  2. Plant Maze Kit: $13.95

  3. Children’s Garden Seed Kit: $25.00

  4. Kids Garden Kit: $29.95

  5. Mermaid Mini Garden Activity Kit: $10.99

  6. Tomato Seed Paper Gardening Gift Box Kit: $8.00+ (Price varies)

  7. Seed Gems 3 Piece Pot Planter Set: $33.99

  8. Children’s “Garden in a box” Kit: $10.00

  9. Kids Fairy Garden Kit: $29.99

  10. Gardening Kit for Kids: $28.50

Do you have a favorite gardening project for kids? Feel free to share it below in the comments for other families to see. Be sure to join our newsletter and try out DIY projects so we can stay creative happy at home!


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